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Eliza International Company Limited 在香港餐飲業市場的發展迄今已達18年。我們的日本人老闆 —......

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Eliza International Company Limited 在香港餐飲業市場的發展迄今超過18年。我們的日本人老闆 — 田村千秋先生在30年前(1987年)來港開設第一間食品貿易公司Tamura Trading Company Limited,致力將日本食品引入,使日本食品得以進攻香港市場。至2003年,田村先生及田村小姐更進一步以Eliza International Company Limited的名義開展了餐飲事業。田村先生嘗試在傳統日本飲食文化注入創新的元素,配合大眾的喜好創辨了旗下的日本餐廳。時至今日,除Eliza International Company Limited外,集團還包括魚萬公司及魚光有限公司,所設立的餐廳及外賣店已達至7家。



Eliza International Company Limited has been developed in Hong Kong Food and Beverage Industry for more than 18 years. In 1987, our Japanese Boss, Mr. Chiaki Tamura established the first trading company of the group, Tamura Trading Company Limited. With his concentrated effort to Japanese food importation, Japanese food has been successfully introduced to Hong Kong market. In 2003, Mr & Mrs Tamura has launched another company, Eliza International Company Limited for further business development in Food and Beverage industry. He hoped to spread the Japanese traditional dining culture to Hong Kong, so to open up some Japanese restaurants according to Hong Kong people’s flavour and needs. Until now, the group consisted of Uo Man Company, Uo Koh Company Limited and Eliza International Company Limited has expanded, in total of 7 reputable restaurants and outlets are in operation.


Our staffs always work in spirit of “Passionate, Positive and Self-Motivated”. With the cooperation of restaurant staffs and the back-up team, we can maintain smooth operation of the restaurants. We always believe in keeping our customers satisfying by providing them qualified food with professional service. In near future, we believe that our business will keep expanding, at the same time will retain our leading social status and reputation in Hong Kong.



ELIZA 的經營理念


The 3 critical words of ELIZA’s business strategy is “Priority”, “ Basic” and “Key”.






1. PRIORITY of customer service – We always think that customer service should be in the first priority of our business. Apart from Japanese traditional dining culture, ELIZA as a Japanese-originated business model would also like to introduce the service standard of Japanese to Hong Kong. We always stand in customers’ shoes and decide everything from customer’s point of view. We hope every guests who visit our restaurants can have a remarkable dining experience with our Japanese style service.


2. Best qualified ingredients is BASIC – We think that fresh and best qualified ingredients is the basic of a restaurant. In order to retain the original taste from Japan, We select and import fresh, natural and seasonal ingredient from different parts of Japan frequently. Besides, food safety is always an issue to be concerned. Every bite of our food is safe, healthy and delicious. 


3. Passionate for cooking is the KEY to taste of food – Except from fresh ingredients, we believe that the taste of a dish depends on how it is cooked. The professional cooking technique and persistent passion of the chef to cooking is the key to make a delicious dish. We have invited some Japanese experienced chefs from Japan to work with our excellent Hong Kong chefs team in most of our restaurants, so as to re-create the original taste from Japan for our every dish. At the same time, we hope that you can taste from our dish of our chefs’ passion and “Tamashi (soul)” to cooking. 


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